November 18, 2006

Reaching a milestone!

On October 10th, I setup my personal website at googlepages. My site is registered with the Google Analytics service and I have been tracking my site's performance. Now after a month I have crossed a milestone! My number of visits crossed 100! I am all happy about what I have achieved so far.

Upon reaching this milestone I have updated my site by giving it a new look and new pages. Two new pages series "TechnoPaper" and "GPC Corner" has been added to the site.
"TechnoPaper" column will have some of my technical articles hosted. It will be related to my programming experience and observations. Whereas the "GPC Corner" will be about Google Page Creator. I plan to publish what all I study from building my site. It would be any "Tips and Tricks" pages, but will have some of the things that I am trying out in GPC.

Before concluding let me show my Map Overlay:

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