December 19, 2006

First day in Office!

I am one day late to write this blog, but here is my experience on "First day in office". Basically it was good! The whole day was a mixture of formal and informal events. but there are funny events that happened even before I reached the office. Our report time was at 10.30 am, but my friends and I left the guest house around 9.15 am. As all of us are not familiar with Bangalore city we had hire an auto. The great day was struck with a mishap when the auto refused to move forward after running few kilometers! So we where near "Silkboard". The next auto trip started from front of Silkboard building after some help from some Patni and Wipro employees. And we finally reached Honeywell Campus at Banargatha road sharp 10:30 am! But we where not still inside. Security took away 15 minutes in printing our temporary IDs, and finally reached conferences room on "Pluto" around 10:50. But we had little trouble in entering the office wing since we didn't have our access cards.
The first event was submitting our documents that we where supposed to carry and that took away 2 hours. during this time our snaps where taken for our Access cards. And then the big lunch! After lunch we here supposed to move to new Honeywell campus called Orion. So we picked our shuttle from Pluto to Orion at 3. In mid way we met with a accident when one heavy truck brushed our shuttle (bus). But it was a minor one and we moved on :) . Orion is new campus and the only building is named Alpha. We where to meet our manager in Alpha 003 at 4:00 pm and we did. Alpha 003 room's discussion included our introductions, interests etc and we where out by 6 pm. But the real fun started now. We played Table tennis will 7.30 and left home once we where tired! So my first day in office was good!
And this blog is being written from office and its my second day. i will be assigned to my project today and the meeting is scheduled to be at 5:30!

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