January 16, 2007

Working with Ajax

For some time my blog have been dry! The main reason for this is I am simply busy with my project. Experimenting with new things does take more time and I am sure you all will agree with this fact. I have already worked with Ajax during my 5th semester project, but was never deep into it. Time has come, now I work deeper on it and I have things yet to learn. As a student there are times you google stuffs and do not find the best resource. The “best” at times may mean simple, comprehensive!
Ajax is a combination of technologies and this is the reason for it to be complex, hard to debug and messy at times! But its outcome is fruitful! But to start with you need some good resource and this blog will put you into that direction! Check out the links given and continue discovering Ajax:

Java Passion – A free professional Ajax tutorial
Mozilla Developer Network
Ajax Matters – A collection of blogs, tutorials and more

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