February 24, 2007

Online Task Manager

Todoist is an interesting Web-based task manager which is worth looking into. It comes with a very simple and fast interface. I am really impressed with the functionality it provides. Its ability to nest sub-lists, and track projects with multiple actions is very interesting feature. Apart from these features another important feature is the keyboard shortcuts (which we all look for) and can slice and dice your tasks by date.

What drew me to this web application even though you can find many such web and desktop application is its clean interface. Ease to use – from signup to working! The signup is very simple with just the email address and password. On logging in you are provided with the simple interface I was talking about. Initially you need to create project and by default you will have a project named: Learn Todoist. Going through this itself will make you familiar with the feature set of the application. When adding items to the “to do list” you have the option of setting priorities , format text, links etc and you can also reorder the items by simply drag and drop!

For me Todoist is yet another web application that Google should look forward to acquire! ;)

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