September 18, 2008

Introducing Brainwave application framework

Brainwave is a web based web application development and deployment stack built around the following principles:
  • Product centric
  • Design oriented
  • Technology driven
  • Mecca for developers
It comes with a built in Database, web server, widget library and security stack and enables rapid application development. The application suite is a product of “The Sureka Group” and I am going to take you into this application suite today.

Brainwave enabling developers in creating a rapid application development environment by reducing the amount of time spend on each life cycle of application creation. This is said to be achieved by having all the three layers (UI, Middle and DB) of the same vendor. Thus reducing the amount of time spent on integrating different layers of an application. Its database does not require you to create schemas for storing data. Instead, can put different information onto the database and link them.
The entire application suite is split into 6 parts namely; Aphrodite, Iris, Gaea, Poseidon, Cerebus and Hermes.
Iris is the communication engine that connects all the components together and forms the application server. It’s designed for easy deployment and supports multiple application deployment.

Poseidon is another unique component of Brainwave platform. It is the schema less database that hold the information.

Gaea provides the mechanism to plug and play third party application from different vendors.

Cerebus provides necessary security around the Poseidon database.

Aphrodite takes the responsibility of application development mechanism. Developers can make use of templates that speed up development of their application and they need not code from scratch.

Hermes helps in implementing web service and exposing other web service to Brainwave application.

The entire system runs as a service on the OS. Another important aspect of the suite is that, it’s written in Python which is a very powerful OOP language. Here is the complete list of features provided by the development platform. If you need to have a feel of the platform try the online demo.

So that’s the introduction to Brainwave application development platform and it’s time for me to take a break.

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SD said...


The best part of it definitely being the schemaless semantic database "Poseidon" which does not put any schema constraints, making it easier for developers to make a requirement change in any phase of SDLC, *cool* what else a Dev want :)