November 14, 2008

Gift from Jimdo, or just a Spam?

I am not sure if you know about Jimdo. I had blogged about the service some time back but, this time around I have a different reason to write about Jimdo. For an intro, Jimdo is a free web site creation tool. The service allows you to build your pages integrating images, video with different designs.The service also boost about the feature of copying themes and design of other sites in simple steps. Recenlty, I got a mail from one of the employees from Jimdo (atleast he looked like) and that's when all things started!

This was an unusual mai. Basically, the content was posted through my Jot Form. The message was from some one named Till and claimed to have the mail id "". There is the message:
We from Jimdo would like to send a little "Thank you" to all who have been spreading the Jimdo news online throughout the past 1.5 years.

Therefore we would appreciate if you could send us your address as soon as possible.

With regards,
And my response to this mail not with a mail with my address, but a simple note to know if this was genuine! And so far no reply. So was this whole thing fake? Or is somebody making trouble for Jimdo?


Christian said...

Hi Abdel,

this is not spam! Till works at us, see (Intern Screen Design).

The e-mail is correct, we want to send you a gift, no joke :) I'm wondering why you didn't received an answer, perhaps eaten by the spam filter??

I will contact you in LinkedIn to get sure that no spam filter blocks it :)

best regards,
Christian (Co-Founder of Jimdo)

michael said...

It was definitely a gift! Nothing like getting unexpected gifts. I hope someone hooks me up with a Krave this holiday season. They are so cool! I've been a fan of the Krave ever since I started working with Motorola. I especially like the touch screen display. Check it out online at Its at the top of my list right now!

Anonymous said...

Quite interesting mail from Jimdo folks (fake or not!).. u got any response?

Abdel Olakara said...

No response no gift!

rjha said...
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Deny Smith said...

Well honestly before reading this post I have no idea regarding this jimdo stuff but it does sound great, a free web creation tool well it is good because of free. Thank you so much for this post.