November 06, 2009

Google releases Closure!

When Gmail was released I was very enthusiastic in knowing how they built the application around the Ajax technology. Since Gmail, Google have released many successful web application to the public and now they have decided to release the core javascript library that they used to build these application.

Introducing the Closure library and javascript tools built by Google to build applications that scale! They are open sourcing these tools to the web development community. The toolkit consists of :

Closure Complier - A javascript compiler that is used to optimize the code. The compiler is said to remove dead code and minimize the code. It also checks the syntax, variable references and warn about javascript pitfalls.

Closure Library - Is a broad, modular and cross browser javascript library. Developers can make use of the wide range of UI widgets and controls, server communication, effects, data structures etc etc..

And finally, the Closure Templates - are web templates that are precomplied to efficient javascript. Interesting part of templates is that they are implemented for both javascript and java! Meaning you can use the same template on client and sever side.

But, I really wonder why they named the library "Closure" as it very related to programming language terminologies. I also wonder why they released it into Google Labs if they have been using it. According to Google the Closure started out as 20% projects and all google applications currently use it. Open sourcing such a tool is a great boon to web developers!

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