March 26, 2007

Flex + Documentum

I started learning Adobe Flex recently and how I got inspired about RIA is through my brother Reji. I did fiddle and play around with Flex SDK and I really like it. With release of Apollo alpha, I am sure there is more adventure coming up my way :) .
This weekend I tried out two things with the flex:
  1. Maintaining HTTP Session in flex
  2. Connecting Flex with a Documentum repository
Both of these objective turned out to be quite simple but I will explain the second project that I did. For those how don't know Documentum: Its a ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Tool from EMC. My aim was to create a simple login screen, validate the user and login to a DocBase.
I made use of the HTTPService provided by the FDS (Flex Data Service) to rend the user's login information. At the server side I had a java servlet that received the login information as request parameter and then authenticated the user. If the user was a valid user, I just returned a string embedded in a XML and finally displayed it using the alert box in flex.

The code Flex code and the servlet is available for download and one important note for developers using Documentum is that: "You should consider using Flex for building web applications on top of Documentum". I will put up a DQL executer next week.