March 29, 2007

What is Adobe targeting?

Adobe released alpha version of Apollo (a cross-OS runtime) on 19th March. Since I was keeping close watch on Adobe site, I downloaded Apollo and started playing with it. Both Flex and Apollo have brought great excitement to be because of their UI, easy to work with and FDS (Flex Data Service). So with these new products what was Adobe's long term goals? Are they looking at capturing web from java and ajax?

What I thought was, yes Adobe will steal a big share from ajax in near future. But I got a new vision of what Adobe was targeting today when I was looking for example applications in the Adobe labs. "Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 2.5" is what caught my attention! LiveCycle Data Services 2.5 is the next generation of Flex Data Services. On reading the first paragraph, I first action was to learn more about LiveCycle a server-based software for enterprise automation. So now you can guess what's on Adobe's mind and why they are changing FDS to LCDS!

The main idea is to integrate the Adobe products like LiveCycle, ColdFusion, Breeze and obviously Flex/Apollo to build a enterpise solution set that will help in business process management(BPM) to content management and finally compete with existing technologies like Documentum (java based), SharePoint (Microsoft .Net based), Lotus (from IBM). The major advantage of Flex and Apollo is its interface design and their cross-OS runtime. The sucess of Flex and Apollo is very important for Adobe to compete in the market and take a big bite! But its going to be a tough war because Apollo is going to have security issues due to the FileSystem APIs and how well the developer community is going to accept it. Another mater of concern is Adobe is a money making company. Every product is price tagged and that will effect the view of any developer which Adobe is eying. S0 will Adobe succeed in the new leap? I am sure that they have pumped in lot of money for Apollo. Will it be a sucess and turn other pressure other runtimes like java and .net? Time will tell about this but I am already into studying the new technology!

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Ryan said...

Hey Abdel,

I heard an interesting point at the financial analyst meeting. With PostScript, Adobe took a technology and built a very significant infrastructure around it, including tools and server products.

I think that's part of what the goal of Apollo is. Adobe now has a platform they can deploy apps on, that appeals to developers, and helps them build out the Flash ecosystem. They may find some creative ways to monotize it.