January 19, 2008

Sabeer Bhatia launches SabseBolo

The Hotmail founder Sabeer Bhatia has yet again launched an innovative product. He has announced the launch of India’s first free, reservation-less audio conferencing facility! The product is called SabSebolo and is in Alpha stage. But is it going to be another hit?

Definitely , the product is very innovative. Anybody can access the service and is available 24/7. The main advantage is there is no need of internet or any downloads. All; you have to do is log on to SabSebolo.com and enter your email id and password. Once you create an account you get your permanent conference id and a pin and you are ready to do conference call at any time.

To make a call you simply dial +91-22-3980 4444, enter the conference id and pin. You can have a maximum of 10 participants in the call. The service seems to absolutely free, but you will have to pay the phone charges for making the call (charges applicable as per your service provider). SabSebolo also has a paid service where in conference calls can be recorded and tracked. They also plan to release online tools for conferencing scheduler, conference manager, dial-out service, voice broadcast, voice telecast etc..

With the young generation using SMS as their main communication, will Bhatia pull this off? Will corporates take a taste of this service? Bhatia has presently introduced this only in India, but will be introducing the international version too.

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