January 28, 2008

Nokia to acquire Trolltech!

The mobile world seems to be buzzing with energy! After Google announced its mobile platform Android, we have seen fusion reaction in this industry. Not to mention Apple’s iPhone platform. Android has ignited one of the furious wars that we will see. Nokia joins this competition with a big punch by acquiring the major cross-platform and embedded application framework provider: Trolltech!

Nokia, leader in mobility will pay NOK 16 per share in cash to acquire Trolltech. This will enable Nokia to accelerate its software strategy for mobile devices and complete with other players. The acquisition is not complete as its still subject to regulatory approval and final closure. It’s expected to complete by second quarter of this year.

Co-founder of Trolltech, Eirik Chambe-Eng said,
We are thrilled to join forces with Nokia. The company’s innovative culture and resources will give our employees new and exciting possibilities and fulfill our vision of "Qt everywhere".

And Nokia said this will increase the competitiveness of S60 and Series 40. So in short this is Nokia’s response to Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone. Trolltech (already part of LiMo foundation) along with Acrodea and Motorola is already a competitor of Android. The mobile industry is looking very competitive with Google’s Android, Apple’s iPhone platform, Microsoft’s Mobile Windows, Palm’s Palm OS and finally Symbian’s Symbian OS.

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