February 08, 2008

jQuery introduces UI and Special effects

jQuery is one of the simplest JavaScript library available for handling events, performing animations, and add Ajax web pages. jQuery team has announced the alpha release of two new JavaScript libraries: jQuery UI and jQuery Ehchant! These two libraries add UI and special effects to existing jQuery library.

Like any other JavaScript library, jQuery UI provides a set of themable widgets on top of the jQuery core library. The (Alpha) library provides widgets like Accordion, Dialog boxes, Tabbed content panes, Tables etc. And the team still working on widgets like Menu, Toolbars, Tree, Splitter, Rich Text Editor etc. for a demo on the existing widgets try the URL : http://ui.jquery.com/1.5a/demos/.

On the other side, jQuery Ehchant is meant for special effects. You can see dome cool examples of this library here! To use these, you will need the jQuery core library. So download jQuery 1.2.3! this new release includes support for Adobe AIR, Namespacing and of course, jQuery UI. You can download these libraries at:

jQuery UI: http://jqueryjs.googlecode.com/files/jquery.ui-1.5a.zip
jQuery Enchant: http://jqueryjs.googlecode.com/files/jquery.enchant-1.0a.zip

You can also access all the documentations here. Happy jQuerying!


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