April 08, 2008

Google launches App Engine!

Google's introduces its new avatar: Google App Engine. It lets you to build your web application on Google's infrastructure. The web applications are built using
Python, BigTable and GFS. Even though the launch is just a preview release, Google promises to make web application development more simple and fun!

The App engine, once fully launched will be all set to transform the web application. Even though they are targeting existing solutions like Amozon's S3 and Zoho, the developer community is going to have lots of platforms at their disposal. With App engine, there will be no server maintenance. All you have to do is built the application and deploy it. The rest is in Google's hand. With this Google has started a new sub domain : appspot.com , just like blogspot.com. Developers will also be able to control access to the application they create. And important part is, all these are free with a storage capacity of 500 MB. I am sure Google will have a commercial part of this engine.

The application environment consist of Python runtime, Datastore API, Users API, Mail API and URL Fetch API. For now the App engine will support only Python but other runtimes are being considered. The environment includes the following features:
  • Creating of dynamic web pages.
  • Data storage with queries,sorting and transactions.
  • Automatic scaling and load balancing.
  • APIs for authenticating users and sending email using Google Accounts.
  • A SDK to develop applications on your computer.

You can download the SDK (available for all platforms) or browse through the application gallery.

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