June 25, 2006

What Mustang offers...

Sun has released J2SE version 6 Beta 2. It’s code named Mustang. The sun web site states 10 things programmers need to know about Mustang.. Here they are:

1. Web Services : Developers are given good support for writing XML web service client applications. Mustang has new XML parser and XML to Java object-mapping APIs.

2. Scripting: Developers can now mix JavaScript technology with Java technology.

3. Database: Developers will have the JDBC 4.0 to work with! It will also co-bundle the All-Java JDBC database, Java DB.

4. Desktop APIs: Swing gets more features!

5. Monitoring and Management: Mustang has more diagnostic information and co-bundles Jhat tool.

6. Compiler Access: Now developers have access to the compiler API so that they can access javac for in-process compilation to generate dynamic java code.!

7. Pluggable Annotations : Developrs can now define their own annotations!

8. Desktop deployment : some of the features added are new looks and feel, LCD text rendering, and snappier GUI performance.

9. Security : Its one of the core feature that Java has really looked into. This time it is releasing better security features in Digital signatures, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and cryptography.

10. The -ilities: Quality, Compatibility, Stability : All the ilities followed to ensure that Java is the best programming platform!!!

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