October 07, 2006

Coming of Ubuntu

A hard week is over! With the end of my exams.. i am free for todays and to my surpise i got my Ubuntu (GNU/Linux) pack! For me it has come in right time. A day before would have ruined by examinations. he he.. so this weekend its UBUNTU time!!!
But plans don't end here... I am also planning to try out the new init(alization) for GNU/Linux! Its called initNG (Next Generation). Even though its in its primitive stage.. sound interesting when my friend Zaheer mailed me about it. It loads services asynchronusly to reduce the booting time of GNU/Linux distros..
And. . . . final thing on agenda.... will be to prepare for the project review which is on 10th. My WebShell still needs makeups and i plan to keep myself busy with these.

Happy GNUing :) !!!

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