October 11, 2006

Importance of "Self-Googling"

Sun Student Developer Connection eNewsletter of september had one interseting link named "Beware Your Blog". Since I have blog, I checked it out. The link lead me to an Article at University at Buffalo. The authur talks about how important it is to "self-google" and see
how you are listed. In this internet world where people google things from news,images,videos to everything under sky, its important making yourself listed in google.

Try your name! What do you get? I was surprised to see myself listed first. My savannah profile came first followed by my java forum profile. In the article the professor recommends it as a shrewd form of "personal brand management" in the digital age.

Thus it is important to manage your online presence in a positive manner. So, how do you build reputation? Your presence in internet is the answer. Having blogs, personal websites,being active in disucssions,forums make you alive on net. But as any technology hold, "self-googling" has disadvantage! Any person could just as easily start several websites and make it look as though they had accomplished all manner of things. People who treat the internet as a 100% reliable source of information deserve what they get.The truth may be closer to 0%.

So pull up your sleves and built reputation.! but a good one!

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