October 13, 2006

Google on Fire

Google's on fire!!! They have released a bundle of web services for the world to work on! And as always, they are of high quality. I started my Docs & Spreadsheet as soon as I read the news in "google news" which said "1 hour ago". So i am not late! Apart form this they have also enhanced the picasa with the online album and released Picasa 2.5 with more features. With this, Google is definitely on fire! Users are definitely wondering what's next?

  • Presentation service?
  • More desktop services?
  • Or something that even my brain is lazy to kick!?

Google have enough services and by integrating we can say it’s a Web OS! And they integrated it well so far. Now google is really tough with its competitors. Yahoo seems to be much dormant in the race, but Microsoft which has lost the search ground and its "msn charm" is trying to get back to business.
Google is quite ahead of Microsoft in number of services, the quality and technology. Gmail used Ajax before anybody, bringing new innovation and revolution in e-mail. The MSN beta and Yahoo beta seem to go the outlook look. But still the service is very poor. Frankly i am a google fan and i use google stuff even though i am aware of the Microsoft and yahoo services. One the best part of google's service is its simple innovations that has brought web to be more personalized and highly user-centric. So to end ... here are some questions for you to plunder!

  • How many of the google services you subscribe to and how many you use?
  • Do you feel google has similar services in different names?
  • Is google entering a monopoly?
  • Will Microsoft recovers their lost grounds?
  • Why is Yahoo entering the race limited (they have come up with much less innovation)?

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zmarties said...

The latest version of Picasa is actually version 2.5.

You can find out about developing features in Picasa and Picasa Web Albums at Documenting Picasa.