June 06, 2007

Adobe's LiveCycle Enterprise Suite

Adobe introduced Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES), an integrated family of software for automating processes that help businesses and governments engage with customers, citizens, partners, and suppliers. LiveCycle integrates the capabilities of Flex with PDF technologies. It will make use of Flash Player and Acrobat Reader to enable a new communication between people inside and outside the organization. This new communication style will enhance the integrity, management of information and improve the business process.

Adobe has recently started to target the content management and collaboration sector of software. LiveCycle is yet another step into these sectors. With LiveCycle ES, organizations can deliver applications that are easier to interact with. This enables companies to better communicate with people who are usually frustrated or confused by on-line procedures for doing transactions. These new applications will decrease costly cycle times, and manage information faster and more accurately.

LiveCycle ES improves how people worldwide interacts each other and access products and services. Organizations can use LiveCycle ES to interact with customers through high-quality; self-service applications that provide quality service and still minimize costs.The major technologies that will help are Flex, Apollo and PDF technology on the client side. The success of Apollo will play a major roll in the coming further.

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