June 12, 2007

Backbase Ajax 360

Backbase has been a leader in providing Ajax solution. They have released Backbase Ajax 360 is a complete enterprise Ajax solution. It includes everything needed for efficient, risk-free browser-based RIA development and life cycle management. It is solution for ensuring successful Ajax implementations in an enterprise environment.

The new product delivers a complete set of development tools designed to significantly improve developer productivity. Another major advantage is that, the company adds comprehensive services on top of the Framework. They also provide Ajax-based RIA architecture expertise, Ajax training, professional development services and enterprise premium support

Talking about Backbase Ajax 360: It’s a complete enterprise solution built on open standards. The framework includes the entire DHTML stack: (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, XMLHttpRequest, etc. It also supports XPath, XMLEvents, SMIL, XInclude, XMLSchema, and XSLTransform. In addition, Backbase also supports Java standards such as JSF, Facelets, Struts, Spring MVC, JSR 168 and JSR 286. Unlike other available products, Backbase's standards-based solutions work with existing applications and technology. It reduces risk and accelerates development cycles.

Backbase provides a rich Enterprise Ajax Framework with widget interoperability, communication, and binding control to data sources. It also takes care of all routine tasks and requirements, allowing developers to focus on the unique aspects of an application, the business logic and UI composition. The system includes more than 250 pre-built and pre-tested Ajax Widgets and functions. IDE plug-ins is also available for the Eclipse development platform and Adobe Dreamweaver. In addition, Backbase provides real time debugging functionality directly from within the Web browser.

Another major ability is Enterprise Integration. Backbase Ajax client technology is fully server agnostic as well. The software seamlessly integrates with common Web servers, application servers, and portal and SOA mashup servers. It is compatible with any server: Java EE, .NET, PHP, and ColdFusion. In addition to its client technology, Backbase provides additional pre-build connectors and/or runtimes for the Java server platform (e.g. Struts, JSF, Portal, Spring MVC).

I haven’t tested the new product yet. But it looks like Backbase has done their homework to compete with others.


NestleQ said...

Looks like a lame marketing initiative. I went to download it via their nicely redesigned site, went through their stupid email contact hoops, and it sent me a link to download 3_3_1. Great....

I'm still waiting for Backbase 4.0. And support for standards mode (right now it only supports quirks mode which is a nightmare to go cross browser on)

Oh, and I noticed their new site doesnt use Backbase anymore. Thats confidence inspiring...

celfish said...

Check out the new http://bdn.backbase.com. 4.0.1 community edition is there to download