June 07, 2007

Google Releases Calendar Directory

Google introduces a directory of public calendars! Now you can quickly add calendars, search them and browse them. The public calendars are categorized like “Top Picks”, “TV shows”,” Events”, “Sports” , “By Google” and more…

You can add these calendars or view them. Anyone regardless of whether they’re using Google Calendar can view the calendar details by just clicking the linked title for a specific calendar. When you add a calendar to your calendar account, you can then see it integrated as part of your main calendar, color-coded as usual. You can also then set up event reminders.

To have your own Calendar be added to the directory, simply make it public. So Google Calendar is getting updated at last, I was waiting for this. Another new feature to Calendar is the “Add Calendar to Toolbar” option on the top right.

What’s Google next update?? ;)

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