July 12, 2007

An introduction to WhoLinked!

WhoLinked is a very interesting service that I found recently [ I need more time to surf :( ] . The WhoLinked service is service that checks to see who is linking to your website and then provides you with an easy way to display this information on your website or blog. You can see my WhoLinked widget on the right side below subscribe options.

So what is it? Lets have a peep into it... WhoLinked have code/plugins for Blogger, Typepad, Moveable Type and generic blogs and websites. And the installation of this service is quite easy. All you have to do is select the type of blogging service you use, get the code and install it on your blog. WhoLinked also provides a small control panal that helps you to customize your displayed results. You can choose the number of rows,language,layout and also ban some of the entries.

So far its a small tool, but I am not sure of the spam protection of this stuff. I will watch this for the next few days and update this entry [may be!]. Till then bye!

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