July 26, 2007

mxGraph - drawing diagrams in a browser

Web 2.0 has brought a lot of desktop applications and collboration technique on to net. Starting with personal file storages to online office suites and net meeting. The "quick web"a result of Ajax,Flex and other technologies like SOA, have made this possible. I have recently presented many online applications and here is another: mxGraph!

mxGraph is solution for drawing diagrams in a browser. It not a online paint application, but help in drawing flowcharts,workflows, build database schemas and create network topology diagrams. mxGraph is built using a javascript library but I was not able to identify with one. Looks like they have come up with their own library. One impressing thing about mxGraph is that it is comaritively faster than other online applications.

Like I mentioned,mxGraph provides four types of diagrams : Workflow, Diagram (flow charts, organization charts etc.),Network and Database. I tested all four options and liked Workflow and Database. Workflow is a complete tool with very detail capablities (better that Documentum workflow manger) and is worth try for whose who design workflows and work in this area.

The other tool is the Database where you can build your schema using the UI and convert all your database development into SQL statments or export it as XML. Both these features are very useful for database design.

The mxGraph look very professional and is I am sure a try will not be waste of time!

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