July 17, 2007

New IM from Airtel (Airtel Messenger)!

Bharti Airtel, a company of Bharti Enterprises have introduced 'Airtel Messenger'. A service that offers the power of text chatting within a personalized set of communities. Users will now enjoy real time chat on your mobile. 'Airtel Messenger' is aiming to bring in the same experience as that of a desktop chat service like Yahoo Messenger. You can now send and receive messages in real-time without the need to be attached to a computer but will require GPRS.

You can create a buddy list and add a buddy to buddy list or import buddies from you phone contact list. The service also offers you various personalized options of usage such as status-tag option like Online, Offline, I am busy etc. Users can use the "Airtel Live" GPRS connection which is free GRPS rather than 'Mobile Office' or any other connection provided by Airtel. Since this service is now, Airtel is providing it free till August 31st, but the supported handsets is a small number. For more details of this see 'Airtel Messenger' site.

Now other details of this messenger... It's developed by Jataayu Software which s a pioneer in the Mobile Internet domain. I assume Airtel has customized Mobile IM Client to come up with Airtel Messenger.

So, with this new mobile messenger installed on my mobi.. I am going to play with it :)


Anitha said...

Its not supporting my mobile even though there is GPRS access. Guys and gals having high fundoo mobile will have this access....

check out the airtel site for the supported handsets.. its very less...


Cipher said...

Hiya, did you get a chance to play with the messenger. As a developer at Jataayu, would appreciate your feedback on the IM service.


Vinod Kumar said...

Hi... This is Vinod here. I have a small question. If i use the Airtl messanger on my PC and send message to my friend, will he need to have GPRS to reply back. If he replies back will it come to my PC or to my mobile.

Abdel Raoof Olakara said...

I am not sure if the airtel messenger will work on desktop. Its meant for mobiles.