September 16, 2007

BPL Mobile announces new theft protection for mobiles.

BPL Mobiles have a new solution to mobile theft in the form of Ultimate Mobile Tracker (UMT).BPL Mobile is one of India's premier mobile phone service provider and has come up with this new solution powered by Sitare.

UMT is a software application that claims to help you track and even r
ecover your lost mobile phone. The application has to be installed in your mobile with twoalternate mobile numbers for being notified in case your phone is stolen. The application will always be active in the background and will not be visible yo user to disable or uninstall the tracker software.

Explaining how the application works, this is what BPL Mobile says:

In case your phone is stolen and the application detects any change of SIM card, 2 SMS will be immediately fired to the two alternate recipient nos. which had been entered during the setup. These messages will be sent by the O.S. directly through the kernel, without any notification on the mobile screen. The thief will be unaware that he is being tracked!

The messages will be sent periodically every 60 minutes making sure to the owner that the phone is active and helping him to trace the thief. The application, in short, will not lock or damage the phone making it unusable to the thief. If the phone becomes unusable, the thief might damage it or discard it and the phone will never be recovered back. In order to prevent this, the application will smartly allow the thief to use the phone and at the same time will discreetly keep tracking him to the owner. The application icon will be hidden and the thief will be unaware of existence of any such application! He will not be able to disable or uninstall it either.

The UMT is available for Rs. 149 one time fee. It is built to work on all SYMBIAN O.S. phones. A similar technology was introduced by Samsung for some of their mobiles, but UMT covers a wide range of mobiles. I still doubt how effective this solution will be in India as security has always been a issue when compared to western countries. But if UMT serves its purpose, its going to be a major step in the security of mobile phones.

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