September 15, 2007

Come back for Ubuntu!

After 9 months Ubuntu is back to my life. Today my friends and I decided to ditch Microsoft and turn back to Linux at our home system. So from now on we will be using Ubuntu to browse, listen music and orkut! he he.

Installing Ubuntu was as simple as ever. I have used it till I came to Bangalore. Everything went fine on my friends system and once the broadband configurations was done.. we were connected!! But just being connected was not we needed, Our next move was to update the software and install them.. as I type this entry, A big list of installation is going on!

Another problem is accessing the NTFS partitions.. By default we are not able to access the NTFS. I am installing ntfs-3g for it now. You will find enough help regarding this matter in Ubuntu forums itself. So, I am on the Linux again!

Happy Blogging :)

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