September 22, 2007

A peep into Yahoo Mash!

I just claimed profile on Yahoo’s new social network, Yahoo Mash! The site began with "invitation only" preview, and got my invitation from my friend Vishnu. Yahoo already have a social network site called Yahoo 360. But this is mostly ignored! So Yahoo is about to launch a whole new social network site to complete with orkut, facebook and others? but first lets have peep into Mash.

Like any other social networking services available Mash also goes with the terminology of profile, friends but with a catch. Users can edit each othe
r’s profiles, redecorating, changing information, and adding features. New features are presented in the form of modules which can be added and moved around in the profile. There are lots of modules that can be added to the profile like RSS readers,Mash pets, Guest book, Asteroids etc..

Mash have differnet type for menu, you can view your profile's and friends latest action in "Pulse". This is somthing orkut have started recently. In orkut after the UI revamp, we can see latest activites in our neighbourhood, a similar concept is "Pulse". The "Friends" menu is simple for now with no search functionality and limited grouping. You can gourp your friends to best friends, Just friends and Family only. You can invite as many friends and even import your mailing address book from Yahoo, Gmail and MSN.

So for now Yahoo Mash is infant now. There are more functionality to come for sure!

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