September 13, 2007

Techno Paper gets a new look!

Thanks to Dan S, who built the Gray Press theme from PressRow. I just took the Gray Press theme and modified it suite my need. So, if you ask what's new in this mutated template.. I have a list!

My major advancement is that I learned how a blogger template is built from scratch. Initially I tired to come up with my own template. But, I find less time to spend on these stuff after my daily work. So finally, I listed out what I need in my new template. This was my list :
  • Menu in header
  • Better profile display
  • Search box other than Google custom search
  • Tag Cloud
  • Contact Me page
  • Peek-a-boo view of articles
  • Customized 3 column template
  • Better template (run away from my present template! )

The menu was part of PressRow and Gray Press had a image header. I re-introduced the menu into this template, and has the original look and feel. My new search box now makes use of the defaulf blogger search rather than the Google custom search or other tools.

Another important feature is "Contact Me" page. You can access it from my menu. The contact form is from jotform. To integrate it with this template I had to make use of some javascript. Peek-a-boo feature was obtained from the normal blogger hack blogs found around!, And thank to those who developed it.

So here is the new template for my blog after sacrificing my blogging time build a template!
Happy blogging!

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Anitha said...

Good Work Abdel! keep it up....