April 16, 2007

Dekoh Alpha Released!

Pramati Technologies just announced the public alpha release of their new RIA (Rich Internet Application) platform, Dekoh Desktop. Dekoh has already challenged Apollo as Desktop/Web Platform and now they are giving their Alpha to public. This is a great opportunity for web developers to test both Dekoh and Apollo at their alpha stage and find their likes and dislikes. And finally reduce the desktop - web gap!

Looking at the Dekoh architecture, it consist of there parts:

1. Dekoh Desktop: the developer platform; the core runtime engine that runs on Windows, Linux or Mac OS. This consist of a personal web server and runtime (You will be needing JDK 1.5).

2. Dekoh Applications: the initial set of applications that can make the platform sufficiently interesting for end users to install and try. They have come up with some interesting applications for the developers and users to try and have a feel. Some of these are : Thumbnail Maker , TagCloud.

3. Dekoh Network: the sharing platform for end users to create personal networks in the typical web2.0 style right on their desktop. It also ensures secured and controlled sharing of applications or content on the desktop.

Dekoh developers can find their development portal here and the wiki home is a good start for the starters. But there are still pages that say "comming soon"!!!

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