April 24, 2007

Ubuntu brings Java to users

Ubuntu has been steadily climbing to become one of the best Linux distros available. this community built Linux have become one of the stable and user-friendly OS available. The installation process is simple compared to other linux distros and with each new release, Ubuntu have come a long way in building desktop version of linux (They also have server versions).

The new release, Ubuntu 7.04 is going to offer a "java combo". The combo will contain Sun's J2EE with GlassFish, JDK 6, Derby based java DB and NetBeans IDE 5.5. This offer comes after Sun Microsystem partnered with Canonical Ltd, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu. The combo will be available for download from the Ubuntu repository.

The main aim of this move is to catch up with the RedHat/Jboss which is already available. The Sun's choice to pick Ubuntu is really good because, Ubuntu have been growing fast. The main reason for this growth is its free online support, free CD distributions, forums along side the commercial support. Apart from this they have done a good work to bring out a very user-friendly desktop OS!

So with Sun and Ubuntu providing this new combo, lets see how the other rivals compete.

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