April 09, 2007

Online publishing and collaboration

Some say Web 2.0 is dead. but I disagree! Its not dead, its just started and we have miles to go. Web 2.0 have started transforming the web into more social and globature (global culture). With many new ventures coming up, but I going to introduce two interesting sites I found.You may have used Google doc's that help to create/edit and collaborate the content you write. Definitely Google helps in sharing your content but these two sites are different. that's why they stand out!

1) OpenFloodgate is a open publishing arena. You can create your content and publish. The published content is for public view and you can try reading some interesting stories. The registration process is very simple. With email, name and password you can get started immediately after registration. All content that you create is called "Creation". To create you have to specify the title, format : what your content is (article,poem,story etc..),the language, a brief description. You can also select the category your content falls and who all can view your content.One missing feature in OpenFloodgate is the missing online editor. Presently you have to upload you content which should be PDF or MS-Word file. You also have a provision to add cover image for you content. To start discovering you creativity OpenFloodgate is not bad at all. You can join, create clubs and share your content with you club members. And ya... If you are still shy to publish, you can keep the content for yourself!

2) Storysquared is a typical publishing site where multiple people can contribute to the content. In short you start a story, others add into it and final somebody end it! The twist and turn can take to the limits of creativity. Try reading one of the public stories and you will find some really interesting! Here you need to have access in order to view the "story directory". You get a simple text editor where you can start your story. You can specify how long people can contribute to you story. After that relax and watch how the story flows ;)

The two sites are simple and are sure to attract more users if they add more facility. They lack proper user profiles and editors that will make the users content more realistic. I am sure these short comings will definitely be implemented and take online publishing further!

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