April 24, 2007

Dojo Offline - Running Web application Offline!

Ok! There is yet another beta product that you can add to the list of Apollo,Silverlight and Dekoh. This time the beta product is from Dojo an ajax library. According to Dojo team the Dojo Offline is "a free, open source toolkit that makes it easy for web applications to work offline" . Yes, this has striking similarities with Apollo, Silverlight and Dekoh (Read my previous post for comparison) as all these beta products aims at "Integrating web with desktop"! and all these products define it in their own way.

Dojo Offline have been in development from some time during Jan 2007 or even before that. It has been developed by Dojo, SitePen and Brad Neuberg, a San Francisco-based software architect and programmer. Dojo Offline claims to the small,easy and open. It consist of two parts : a javascript library (the dojo library) with web pages and a cross-platform, cross-browser runtime that will help to cache the web application interface and run. The small caching is done by polipo a caching web proxy developed by Juliusz Chroboczek. This small runtime is only 300K (compared to its competitors this is very small). It also comes with tools to build UI, helps to store data and important part - its 100% open source! and the runtime is BSD licensed.

The runtime is available for download for developers. For end users only the windows and Mac OS X. You can have a look at Hello World application here.

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