April 03, 2007

Flex Atom reader

Here my first useful Flex application! For the past few week I have been building Flex applications that was not useful in any sense except that I got to learn hot to make use of different components, ActionScript etc. You can view the AtomReader from here and also download the source code.

AtomReader is a very simple feed reader that read the feed of Flex Team and display it. For now, the AtomReader just displays the summary and doesn't link to the appropriate blog entry. The next version of AtomReader will have following facilities:
  • User can enter any atom feed and view the result.
  • User can also click on the title a view the complete entry.
  • A better user interface than the first version.
Building my AtomReader was not easy for me! The major trouble was parsing the XML response that is received upon requesting the feed URL. What I intended was to parse the XML using the XML class and not using any available parsers. For unknown reason I failed and had to go for a simpler method to complete the application. Another problem faced during development was the usage of URLLoader and URLRequest classes. I will how these thing work in the coming days and the next version of AtomReader will have the above promised features.

Running Example : http://flexguide.googlepages.com/atomreader
Source Code : http://flexguide.googlepages.com/Atom.mxml


Rupesh said...

good, and try to make it as widget.. so that any one can add it on their blog..

Rajesh said...

Simple and useful post..
Thanks pal.