April 12, 2007

A quick change!

Every blogger during his blogging career goes through this period. He gets bored with his theme and hunts for new one. When I hunt for new themes, my eye catches only the WordPress themes and even at times I have thought of shifting to it. But, end of the day; I keep what I have because i am a Google fan ;) .

For the past few days I was on hunt for a three column theme for blogger and finally found something that suits (but still not happy with)! And here it is, I have converted my blog to a three column blog and I am quite happy with the looks :) . Even though this is a real surprise move, I am working on some small changes into this theme. I plan to bring in a Tag Cloud rather than have the tags listed. Apart from that, I also plan to put in links to my friends blogs.

You will find these updates when I publish my next blog entry, till then bye bye!

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