May 02, 2007

After a break...

I am back after a small break! and I have lot of things to catch up with... From my office works, my site updates and off course my blog!!! and there is lot to talk about.

First, I am over with my Masters course from VIT. My final review of the project turned out to be one of the best review I ever got ;) Second, After a long time.. I went home!

On the technical side... My first update today was for my web site. I just added real time visitor stats on my site. The service is from Which have built a good mash up using Google maps. You can view my real time stats here. Thats not all... Google have come up with their new stuffs and I am behind. With new features from Google in Gmail, Calendar, etc. Another news making camp is Microsoft, Adobe and Dojo.. ( I will write seperate blog entries soon.. so watch out).

And for now... I am at my office desk ;)

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