May 31, 2007

Google's new products..

Google may be busy at Google Developer Day, their first worldwide developer event kicked off in Sydney and won't stop until it's reached 10 locations around the world. The last location is at Google's offices in Mountain View, California. But in mean time they released a bunch of new products:
This might not be end of the list, we will get new stuffs as GWT is gearing up for making use of other Google APIs.

Google Gear is an answer to dojo's offline web applications. It is an open source browser extension that lets developers create web applications that can run offline. It consists of three modules that address the core challenges in making web applications work offline:
  1. Local Server - Cache and serve application resources (HTML, JavaScript, images, etc.) locally.
  2. Database - Store data locally in a fully-searchable relational database.
  3. WorkerPool - Make your web applications more responsive by performing resource-intensive operations asynchronously.
The interesting part is Google Reader is already having this offline feature. You need to download the runtime and use it.

Google Mashup Editor provides simple tools and features that allow you to create mashups in minutes. Its still in the beta stage and is not available for the public. You need to sign up and wait for your account to get activated. For now all you have is the tour available to see the features.

Now about the Mapplets, they are mini-applications that you can embed within the Google Maps site. They are simple Google Gadgets that can manipulate the map using Javascript calls that are derived from the Google Maps API. Mapplets are currently only available in a special Developer Preview version of Google Maps. The Mapplets documentation and gallery can also be accessed.

So time also, Google have answered to Microsoft's Popfly and to dojo's Dojo Offline Toolkit and ya its also a release against the Adobe's Apollo and Dekoh runtime.

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