May 16, 2007

Sun launches Project Orbit

After last week's release of JavaFX, Sun new avatar in mobile devices is Orbit - A project to bring openLaszlo to devices. Aim of Orbit is to extend Java ME platform with OpenLaszlo. It will offer an unprecedented level of development portability and flexibility across a wide variety of Java technology-based phones, television set-top boxes, and other connected devices. Support for OpenLaszlo applications further enhances one of the key strengths of the Java platform - the ability to support development environments and authoring tools targeting a broad spectrum of developer skills and preferences.

So Orbit is : Sun's Java ME viewer of Laszlo content. It is a Java ME CDC/Personal Basis application that uses the Rhino engine to run LZX programming language Web 2.0 (AJAX style) applications. Building the project and its success will enable OpenLaszlo to become true multi-runtime platform and also capture market. The main advantage of OpenLaszlo's LZX language is that it can be compiled to either Adobe Flash, or to Dynamic HTML (commonly known as Ajax). With the Orbit project, the OpenLaszlo interactive application experience will be available to developers targeting Java ME, without giving up the unique strengths of that runtime. In short, Orbit is going to be a viewer ( player) like Flash player and is an application that rest on Rhino JavaScript engine which runs on the Java ME CDC/Personal Basis Profile stack.

Looking at Orbit, Its a real good innovation, but my question is what will happen to JavaFX Mobile? Is Sun planning to add OpenLaszlo into it in some way? Or are they escaping from the new Product family (JavaFX) itself?

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rajab said...

Salam allaikum

Hi Abdul

I have read about Orbit. But still i feel there is no clearity on it exactly. Moreover it's success has to come up with plugins for both eclipse and netbeans. Am still unable to find for both. Can you help me out in locating these plugins. Thanks for your time.