May 07, 2007

Moving to Semantic Web

You must have heard this before : "Web 2.0 is dead and over" and for who haven't try this. So if you believe web 2.0 is dead,where are we heading? and if you don't believe this entry is to make you think about it. About the next web : Semantic web!

The work have already started. Radar Networks is a company pioneering the Web 3.0 or semantic web. They have stated to release their product in 2007 itself. They have also graph representing the growth of web:
Looking at the graph, we are to leave behind (may be not totally avoid it) and move into new stuff named OpenID, SPARQL, SWQL etc to reach Web 3.0 and finally the WebOS. You will see that we have already started the work on all these technology that will help us reach Web 3.0 and beyond. OpenID will help in decentralized digital identity for users and it will be on open platform. SPARQL and SWQL are going to play a important role in getting information. May be you can say RSS and Atom are the ancestor technology to collect information but SPARQL and SWQL which is rule language will bring out a better informative web to users.

Keeping aside the development of these technologies, lets see how the present technology will help to move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. So web 2.0 is not dead? I would say no! And the major reason is we still have development in Ajax,RIA technology. It not the matter of how many web 2.0 projects is undertaken or successfully completed today, but its how we built,use and evolve (modify) these new technologies that we have today to make Web 3.0 or semantic web or intelligent web or ... so Web 2.0 is not dead but evolving.

With the work on Web 3.0 no and running, and we also see new technologies screaming "cross-platform,browser-independent etc.." its all about using these new query and rule languages and develop a semantic web. And for this we will definitely see Mashups, widgets, RIA applications and advanced search mechanism playing a major role.

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