May 10, 2007

New features for Techno Paper

My blog just got new features and they are :

  1. Tag Cloud: The Tag Cloud displays all the labels in my blog. It's a better way of displaying my labels as it will take less space compared to blogger's default list style. You add the tag cloud to your blogger too. Visit phydeaux3 , which provides you the complete guide for installing a tag cloud onto your blogger.
  2. Search: I have removed my Technorati search. Instead Techno Paper will have a new Google Custom Search widget on top right. The custom search have better features compared to my previous search. I have also put a custom search on my web site which is capable of searching in both, my site and blog.
  3. Feeds: The modification in this is still not complete though! I have removed some of the feeds and arranged it (Looks much better now). I am planning to remove some of it again and change its layout.
That all for visible changes! You will find some more changes next week ;)

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