May 08, 2007

JavaFX an alternative to Ajax?

Sun is all set to release a new product range during JavaOne conference. The new product is a java-based product family called JavaFX, which cover development of desktop,web and mobile. It will introduce a new scripting language called JavaFX Script.

Rich Green, Sun's executive vice president said the platform as "JavaFX is a complete software system from the metal on up" and "JavaFX Script is a scripting language focused on the content-authoring and content creation crowd. It is a means of creating visually impactful, high-performance, dramatic Web and network-facing artifacts or experiences that run all the way from the desktop running Java SE (Standard Edition) all the way down to mobile devices powered by JavaFX Mobile".

JavaFX Script will focus on user experiences on the interface and highly animated content. It will be also easier to use thus development of the application will be easy and the JavaFX is not a procedural language. The programmers will be able to make use of the existing Swing and 2D APIs. and finally JavaFX will be open source!

So, JavaFX is Sun's answer to Abode's Flex and Apollo and Microsoft's Silverlight? I would say YES! So, JavaFX will offer an alternative to AJAX and also vies with Silverlight and Adobe's Flash (Flex and Apollo) and will enter RIA competition through this. Dekoh , another RIA project based on Java will also turn out to be a competitor for JavaFX. To get more on JavaFX we will have have to wait a few hours and I will update as soon as I get more information.

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