May 08, 2007

Linux moves to Mobile Phones

Ubuntu Linux is onto new grounds - The Mobile/Hand held devices! They aims at building a open source platform for hand held devices with an initial release by October 2007. It will be built by the Ubuntu community along with some Intel staff.

It interesting to see Ubuntu advance fast these days as they have already become one of the popular Linux distributions on desktops. They have also released sever editions and now onto mobile devices. To start with, some "Geek" have already installed a tuned Ubuntu version on a mobile (I lost the link). The project will be called Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Project. The major work set to start after Ubuntu Developer Summit and aims at providing a open source platform for hand held devices which still pose problems like: power consumption, low processor power and also need better graphical user interface, connectivity to internet etc.

So we are now set to see Linux move into hand held devices, we also have other existing players like Nokia who has set up open source community,beta labs and development technologies already. Yet another competitor is Microsoft, who also has a Windows version for hand held devices.

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