May 11, 2007

Microsoft SharedView : A Review

Micorsoft SharedView (Code named Tahiti ) is now a beta product available for download. It's a fast and easy way to share documents and screen views with small groups of friends or coworkers; anytime, anywhere. Use SharedView to put your heads together and collaborate. It is easy to install and all you need to get connected is an internet connection and a Windows Live ID. The main application runs in the system tray and places a toolbar at the top of your screen:

The current version can have a maximum of 15 users. To start the initiator have to sign-in (Start New Session) using in Windows Live ID. Once logged-in he can invite anyone to the collaborate through Instant Messenger, E- mail or Phone.I tried using E-mail where the invited user is given a session name and password to join the session. The next step is where all users accept the invitation and will be able to see what all application they can share from the toolbar's share button.

The user can share any application from the list and share with all the participants.

Looking at the new application I feel, Microsoft is about to throw away NetMeeting! You can install the latest SharedView application sharing software free from here. SharedView supports Windows XP, Vista Home Premium and Ultimate, and Windows Server 2003. SharedView Beta is only available in English.


narges said...

HI adbel.
my name is narges.
IM a computer ingineer, IM new in jms working with sun jms.
as a question I want to know wheter you could run a sample on jms or no??
I think upou had just posted a question in sun site about this , that is why I thought you could help me.did you use any jndi ? or any configuration ?
I want to know what are the prequisites??
looking forward hearing from you.


Abdel Olakara said...

Hi narges,
I did post about JMS and JNDI on sun site. And i am still stuck to tell truth. I am currently working on another stuff, so had not put much time into it for last 2 weeks. But I will be looking into it next or so as It's priority is increasing..
Keep in touch,
You can contact me at : questworld142 --AT--