May 11, 2007

Gosling talks about JavaFX

James Gosling, the co- founder of java talked with CNET's Stephen Shankland about the new application platform, JavaFX. Gosling talks a bit about how JavaFX will compare to Adobe's Flash (Flex and Apollo) and Microsoft's Silverlight. Here is the video!

So, as the heat increasing in three camps (Adobe,Sun and Microsoft), what will happen to other small projects that have made their venture into this hot field. Two notable camps are Dekoh and Dojo toolkits offline web applications. Dekoh is making of the existing technologies including Adobe's Flash and is going to make use of JVM,HTML,Java script and XML for RIA development. Dojo on the other hand has come up with a caching proxy to save the web application and will use the existing scripting languages. Flex makes use of the MXML and Action script which is poplar among developer but JavaFX script is not! Developers will take time to adopt, learn and start using the new scripting language. For a developer, he will have to wait and see what the industry will accept and only time will tell! And for now... simply go about your daily work :)

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